Welcome to the Semantic Web Services Textbook Web Site

This Web Site is meant to support students and practitioners that acquired the Textbook and to offer an overview to interested readers. The book is under finalization and will be soon published by Springer.
The book provides a comprehensive overview of Semantic Web Services in step with the actual practice in the field. It introduces the main socio-technological components that ground the Semantic Web Services vision (Web and service science, but also Web services in their SOAP and REST version) and several approaches realizing it, most notably the Web Service Modeling Framework WSMF consisting of the ontological service model WSMO, the WSML family of languages and the WSMX execution environment, as well as its recent resource-oriented extensions and underlying communication and coordination infrastructure. The real-world relevance is pinpointed through a series of case studies in large-scale R&D projects from the last years and a business-oriented proposition by the Semantic Web Services technology provider Seekda. Each chapter of the book is structured according to a pre-defined template, covering both theoretical and practical aspects, including walk-through examples and hands-on exercises. As such, the book is suitable for various audiences, as a state-of-the-art Semantic Web Services reference handling the full range of topics and technologies associated to Semantic Web Services, but also as an Computer Science textbook, primarily for an undergraduates course.